Four Steps to Reclaim Witching Hour

If you’re a parent, you’ve experienced “witching hour,” that time when you all get home from school/work, usually around dinner time and it may last until bedtime. It’s a time when kids are begging for snacks and screens, actively avoiding homework, or doing it with complaints, and you’re decompressing from your day while trying to figure out dinner.

For lots of families, this is a stressful time where patience runs thin and tempers run high. Stress in your family can have a negative overall effect on your physical health. And that’s why we want to help you figure out how to lower stress and improve your family’s well being.

New York Times’ Motherlode blog writer and editor, KJ Dell’Antonia has 4 simple steps to help:
1. Pinpoint the problem
2. Start simple
3. Change what you do
4. Change how you think

Read all the details here and learn how to turn Witching Hour into Happy Hour.

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