Urgent Care Centers “Fill the Gap”

You probably haven’t ever thought about living in a ‘medical desert’ have you? Medical deserts are inhabited areas that are more than 60 minutes away from a fully-equipped hospital. So you could see how in even in densely populated cities like Houston and Dallas, medical deserts can easily exist.

Urgent care centers and freestanding emergency centers that open in these areas help provide quicker access to medical care when it’s needed, which is exactly our goal at Texas Emergency Care Center. We want to provide patients more convenient access to the care they need, while providing the highest level of care we can. At our Pearland and Irving locations, patients can receive urgent care during specific hours in addition to 24 hour emergency care. We also provide 24 hour emergency care at our location in Atascocita.

The need for healthcare access in medical deserts in nation-wide.

Remember, Texas Emergency Care Center is just around the corner and always open! We also offer urgent care during certain hours at our Pearland and Irving locations! 

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