Hey Mama… You Are Not Alone.

Motherhood has its challenges – any mom will tell you that. And for some mothers, the challenges can feel overwhelming. Pair that with hormonal changes, additional stresses and expectations, lack of sleep, shifting rhythms, and tiny humans who seem to need us all. Day. Long. It can all be a bit much for our mental health.

When the task of motherhood begins to feel like a mountain you will never be able to climb, here’s the thing to know: You are not alone.

While mothering comes with plenty of challenges, too many to list in fact, it also comes with a tribe of other moms and loved ones who want to see you succeed. Your mental health does not have to suffer because you became a parent.

May is mental health awareness month, so we’ve compiled a list of resources for moms who may be struggling. Don’t hesitate to reach out. You deserve a mothering journey full of joy.

Ways to care for your mental health

Pregnancy & Postpartum Anxiety & Depression

Perinatal depression toolkit

Resources for Houston mothers

Mental Health Screening

Insight from other moms