When Little Kids Have Big Feelings

It’s mental health awareness month, and when it comes to taking care of big feelings, we can’t forget our little ones! Children often have really big feelings they aren’t quite sure how to manage and they definitely let us know. We’ve all seen the tantrum on the floor of Target, or the explosive argument from the middle schooler.

These feelings can feel enormous to children who lack the coping and self-regulating skills to acknowledge and manage them. And sometimes, children with mental health concerns have an even harder time than others.

If you think your child may be struggling, help is available! For toddlers, check out the resources through Big Little Feelings, or look at the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine if you have older children. These are just a couple of the resources available out there.

To learn more about mental health illness in children, click here or here, and consider finding a professional to get your family the help they need. Those big feelings don’t have to feel quite so big.