Making the Most of Your ER Visit

While few people ever want to find themselves in an emergency room, when you need emergency care, you want the experience to go as smooth as possible. Emergency care providers will do everything they can to ease your pain and get you back to normal, but they also have some advice that can help make the whole situation easier for you if you need to pay them a visit. Take it from the experts and follow these tips!

Have your doctor call ahead

If you are having a health emergency, and have the option to speak with your doctor first, have them give us a call while you head to the facility. Their input is valuable to us as emergency physicians, and colleagues, we can collaborate to give you the best possible outcome. Plus, your diagnosis and treatment can be expedited once you’re here if we have more information ahead of time.

Come prepared.

Compiling your health history, list of current medications, known allergies and names of your primary care doctors and specialists will save time in the ER and speed up your care. Having these details somewhere handy like a note on your phone or a piece of paper in your purse can make your experience smooth and simplified.

Be honest!

We get it – health emergencies can leave you feeling vulnerable at times. But we are willing to be there isn’t much we haven’t already seen! 80% of diagnoses are made based on the information the patient tells the doctor, so what you share with the doctor is very important. This information is critical, so be honest, even if it seems embarrassing or strange. The more pieces of the puzzle the physician has up front, the better the care they can give you.

Listen closely to your treatment plan, and don’t be embarrassed to ask questions!

Your care continues after you’re discharged, so prepare for the future while you have face time with the physician. In the stress of the moment it can be hard to retain all the information, so take notes if you need to. And expect a follow-up phone call from our office after you’re home and settled.

Check your ER bills carefully

You should be charged in-network rates for most of the care you get at an emergency room, but insurance can be complicated! If you have questions, we have a billing specialist on our staff that can help you.

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